AFITEX the developer of DRAINTUBE™ has over 20 years of experience in the drainage and environmental market. The experience and expertise of both AFITEX and TEXEL stand for excellence in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of high quality specialized synthetic materials – such as DRAINTUBE™ – destined primarily for drainage markets in civil engineering, mining, the environment and sports. Located in Sainte-Marie, Quebec, the company transforms basic textiles into high performing geosynthetic drainage products.


The DRAINTUBE™ family offers efficient solutions for groundwater, leachates, LFG and/or runoff water drainage.


DRAINTUBE™’s proven technical capabilities allow regulators, engineers and operators of waste management facilities solve drainage issues in a simpler and more effective way. DRAINTUBE™ combines standard pipe and geosynthetic technology into a unique package offering superior long term drainage capacity and performance. DRAINTUBE™ drainage geocomposites allow geomembrane leak detection surveys using standard geoelectrical methods. It offers the advantages of other drainage geocomposites while overcoming most of their limitations. Gone are concerns about long term creep, geotextile intrusion, delamination, plastic ties for connection of geonet, etc.


DRAINTUBE™ offers an effective alternative to stone and helps to control the harmful effects of freeze-thaw cycles, high water tables, saturated subgrades and heavyloads.


DRAINTUBE™ does away with the need for a layer of clean stone and two geotextile separators and it saves excavation time. DRAINTUBE™, specifically sized for the project, provides the same hydraulic capacity as a layer of clean stone.


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